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Rotisserie Cooking


The constant turning of the meat while cooking allows it to self-baste with natural juices, resulting in exceptionally moist and tender roasts. he best meats for rotisserie cooking are tightly tied, boned or boneless cuts.

• Cuts with a bone can be cooked on the rotisserie if they are carefully balanced on the spit so that it can turn easily.

• Ribs can be placed on the spit accordion style, or using a Flat Rotisserie Basket. This basket is also great for cooking poultry parts, fish or shrimp.

• To place meat or poultry on the spit, slide one of the skewer forks onto the spit. hen, insert the spit into the centre of the meat or poultry lengthwise. The food should be centered on the spit, securing it in place with the remaining skewer fork. ighten forks securely.

• Test for balance by loosening the rod handle to allow the balancer to turn freely. et the rotisserie rod in the slots of the barbecue casting or over the kitchen sink. et the heaviest side of the meat rotate to the bottom. Adjust the balancer to the top of the rod, opposite the heaviest side of the meat. Tighten the rod handle.

• Periodically, check to see if the meat turns smoothly while cooking. Adjust the balancer as necessary.

• The only accurate way to tell when meat is done is to use a meat thermometer. nsert a thermometer into the centre of the meat. o not allow the thermometer to touch the bone.


Some models of barbecues are equipped with rear rotisserie burners. This is the ultimate method for cooking roasts and poultry by the rotisserie method. With the heat located behind the food there is no chance of a flare-up.

• Always remove the cooking grids* and warming rack when using the rear burner.

• Place a drip pan on top of the vapourizer to collect extra juices for making gravy.

• Do not operate in conjunction with the main burner.

• The rear burner is easily removed, as it has a spring loaded socket. Push the burner to the right and remove.

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