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Crafted of heavy duty stainless steel and built to last. The stainless difuser cup can be fi lled with any liquid, not just beer, to roast succulent chicken every time. The catch pan that collects the chicken drippings, can hold aeromatic vegetables to create a great gravy base. Use the catch pan on its own for roasting vegetables. Try roasting a chicken indirectly as follows.


The indirect method is a technique for cooking larger cuts of meat such as roasts, poultry or ribs. As the name implies, the food is not grilled directly over the heat, but by hot air circulating around the food. The indirect cooking methods both rely on lower heat settings with the lid of the barbecue closed. A drip pan can be used under the rack to increase moisture and block direct heat from the burners.


With the drip-pan method the juices and drippings will fall and mix with the contents of the drip pan. The mixture heats up and vaporizes, automatically basting the food.

  • Place a drip pan on top of the heat media and position it so that it sits underneath the center of the meat you are preparing.
  • Pour water or other cooking liquids into the drip pan, depending on what you are cooking. Fruit juices, such as lemon, orange, pineapple, cranberry or apple, and red or white wine, or beer are recommended for adding fl avour. Spices, herbs and aromatic vegetables such as onions and garlic can also add flavours.
  • Preheat the barbecue on HIGH, then reduce heat to MEDIUM or MEDIUM/LOW.
  • Never let the drip pan run dry! As the mixture in the drip pan heats up, evaporation will result in a diminished amount of liquid in the pan. Check the drip pan often and use a pitcher or baster to carefully pour in more warm liquid.


Hand wash with a mild detergent and warm water, or place in dishwasher. The Broil King chicken roaster is easy to assemble and disassemble. Simply thread the stud in the middle of the roasting pan into the nut on the base of the diffuser cup, tighten until snug.

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