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How to perform a Leak Test.

  1. Extinguish any open flame or cigarettes in the area.

  2. Be sure that gas supply valve and appliance valves are "off".

  3. Prepare a soap solution of one part water, one part liquid detergent.

  4. Open the propane or natural gas supply valve slowly.

  5. Brush the soap solution on each connection, including the tank, the quick disconnect coupling, and on each connection between the orifice and control valve.

  6. A leak is identified by a flow of bubbles from the area of the leak.

  7. If a leak is detected, close the gas supply valve, tighten all connection and retest (Step 4).

  8. If the leak persists, contact our customer service department for assistance.

  9. Do not attempt to operate appliance if a leak is present.

If your gas grill is equipped with a side burner or rear burner:

  1. Follow steps 1 - 5 above

  2. Place fingertip over the opening in the orifice at the end of hose.

  3. Turn "SIDE"/"REAR" control to "HIGH."

  4. Brush soap solution on each connection between orifice and control valve.

  5. Turn "SIDE"/"REAR" control to "OFF".