Broil King Grilling Guide
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Expand your grilling experience and discover how easy and delicious it is to get that great smoked flavour.

Tips For Using the Keg as a Smoker

Setting up the Right Environment

Low Temperature:

Keg should be set up to cook at temperatures between 225 and 275°F for at least 5 hours. The lid on the Keg should be kept closed


Use the diffuser kit to add moisture to your cooking environment and help maintain the temperature


Use wood or wood chips to impart that smoky barbecue flavour into whatever you are cooking.

It is very important to soak wood chips for 20 - 30 minutes before use. Adding dry chips to a hot grill will often cause unwanted fire. The smoke from fully burnt wood chips will add an acrid, bitter taste.

Add wood 5 - 10 minutes before putting your meat on the grill - raw meats take on smoky flavours much better than even slightly cooked meats. Having a smoky environment to start will enhance and deepen the flavours.

Once the outer portion of the meat has begun to developed a crusts, it is very hard to increase the 'smokiness' of what's on the grill. For more info on choosing the right wood see our Smoking Wood Guide.