T'was twelve terrifying days before Christmas and throughout the house quizzical questions prattled from spouse to spouse. What's a great late after skate evening snack? Should we braze bacon from the side or the back? How many guests are coming? What should we cook? Most recipes are for only 4 guests, I read in this book. Fear not our grill lovers, you'll be up to the task. Meals of the day? Yes, we've planned for them each day. All you'll need is one professional grilling system, hitched to a sleigh.

Slick Sledding Sliders

Gifts From the Grill

Kid Friendly Foods

It's Brunchtime!

Sweet and Savoury

Gotta Love Breakfast

Movie Night Snacks

Balmy Beverages

Vegan Auntie Victoria

Holiday Hangout

Gatherings Grand

New Year New Eats