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Why The Broil King Keg
Stands Above The Rest.

Key Advantages of the Keg® Versus Other Smokers and Ceramic Kamado Grills.

Insulated Double Walled Steel Body

  1. The Keg® won't crack.
  2. The Keg® is 2.5x more thermally efficient.
  3. The Keg® requires less charcoal. The Keg® is more efficient. requiring less combustion air and enables very long cook times with less charcoal. This means food doesn't get dried out.
  4. The Keg® won't absorb odors and transfer to the next cookout. Fish odor won't transfer to chicken. (Note: It's very difficult to get fish odor out of ceramic).
  5. The Keg® easier to maneuver and transport. It's lighter in weight and very durable.

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Expand your grilling experience and enjoy true cooking performance with authentic barbecue flavor. The patented Broil King KegĀ® is an innovative charcoal grill that offers many advantages over traditional charcoal grills and other kamado-style grills.

Broil King Grill Tailgate
Broil King Grill Header

It's Made For Tailgating.

Take The Party With You! The Keg® Transports Easily With Our Trailer Hitch Adaptor.

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Grilling Up Great Ideas.

Broil King is big on taste! Try some of these mouth watering recipes.

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