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'A modern interpretation of a traditional Japenese kamodo grill. Broil King's Keg is a supremely versatile outdoor cooker capable of grilling, baking, smoking and convection cooking.'

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SHARP Magazine

'Overall, the construction on this grill is very good and solid. This grill is superior to most all the mass market units in the price range.'

Broil King Baron 5-Burner 540-S

'It's unfair to call this a grill - outdoor kitchen is more fitting. One thousand square inches of cook space mean you can invite the whole neighborhood.'

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Men's Journal

'The Broil King Signet 20 is one of their entry level grills that offer a big bang for the buck. This 3-burner gets hot fast and has a wide temperature range. The cast aluminum housing retains heat evenly and will never rust.'

Broil King Signet 20 Gas Grill


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